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The Grand takes great care in filling our refrigerated and freezer aisles with highest-quality products that we know our customers will feel proud to serve at their own tables. With more than 200 organic and gluten-free products, we also offer specialty items that our customers request, love and come back for weekly.

Our team recommends you add a few new delights to your cart: pasteurized eggs, kid-favorite Homer’s ice cream or Traders Point Creamery yogurt made from 100% grassfed milk and served in a lavish glass jar!

Dairy Products 1.jpg

1. Homer's Ice Cream

2. Home Run Inn Pizza

3. Eggo Waffles

4. Dove Ice Cream Bars

5. Bird's eye Steamable Veggies

6. Ore-Ida Fries

7. Vito & Nicks Pizza

8. Ezekiel Bread

9. UDI's Gluten Free Bagels

10. Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

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